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Air separation


Air separation

Industry profile

The main components of the dry atmosphere are -78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen, and the remaining about 1% are composed of radon, carbon dioxide and trace amounts of other gases. These gases can be separated during the air separation process, where the air is condensed, cooled and separated by the molecular weight in the ‘cold box’.

Once separated, the gas is compressed again for storage, transport or further treatment. In the air sub-industry, why there are molecular sieve blockages and other problems, because the compressed air hydrocarbons have a strong affinity for molecular sieve, so in the adsorption process caused molecular sieve blockage. In traditional filtration methods, how do oils and hydrocarbons in the air are removed? It is used to remove the oiler and the activated carbon adsorption.

The disadvantages of this way are obvious to all, degreaser and activated carbon from the beginning of use, the quality of gas will gradually decline, the filter constantly saturated, at any time there is a risk of pollution of production lines and products!


Product Series

Adekom’ KDS series dry screw oil-free air compressor, the main machine using a German patent super coating, greatly extend the life of the host and reduce costs, and low noise, less consumables, secondary compression technology to ensure long-term stable operation, out of the compressed air to meet ISO 8573-1 Class 0 oil-free compressed air standards, ‘Adekom’ ET series oil-free screw air compressor, the use of German oil-free conversion system, from the technical conversion of oil into water and carbon dioxide, TUV certified measured air quality is much higher than ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 oil-free standard value of one-fifth, for the safety of product safety to guard the first level.

Oil-free conversion system for life-free maintenance, and can effectively reduce bacteria in the air and eliminate fungi, greatly increase the life of the system's efficient filter and sterilised filter, while avoiding the unpredictable risk of oil remover and activated carbon;

In air separation applications we have the technology and resources to provide main air compressors, pressurized air compressors, nitrogen compressors, nitrogen cycle compressors and, in some cases, argon compressors. In addition, we have the ability to design a variety of process combinations. We often design and manufacture dual process packs to perform N2 feed and N2 recycling processes. We can also equip our compressors with assistive devices such as intake filtration systems and aftercoolers.

With our extensive range of compressors and air separation expertise, Adekom offers you a comprehensive air separation solution. ‘ADEKOM’ is a professional design and production of air and gas purification equipment manufacturing enterprises, but also the air division industry supporting equipment one-stop solution stoush manufacturers. Adekom has 15 years of experience in the air sub-industry supporting, has been with the major air sub-enterprises, air sub-suppliers, air sub-agents, etc. have a close relationship of cooperation, at present, our dry twin screw oil-free air compressor at home and abroad air division industry projects have reached hundreds.

Products are widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, mechanical, electronics, aerospace and many other fields.

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