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PET bottle blowing


PET bottle blowing

Industry profile

Adekom has been involved in the food and beverage industry for many years and is fully aware of the standards set to prevent food from being contaminated with grease and toxic elements. Therefore, it has designed and developed an oil-free, high-pressure air compressor for blowing PET bottles.

All thanks to ongoing research and development, ongoing design upgrades, and significant investments in employees and technology.

Oil-free air compressors for fully automatic PET blowtorches are certified with Class 0 oil-free, ensuring high-quality, clean and safe compressed gas for the final product.


Product Series

KSP series screw piston series high-pressure machine is the dry oil-free screw technology and oil-free piston boost technology organic combination to form a stable and reliable, 3-stage compression, low-noise medium-pressure compressed air system: rated exhaust volume 5.0-30.5Nm3/min, exhaust pressure 4.0MPa.

The main body, motor, water cooler, water separator, electric control cabinet and instrument fixed on the base, trachea (including safety valve piping system), oil pump lubrication line, circulating pipe pipe, instrument compactly to connect the host auxiliary machine into a complete compressor group.

Industry applications: Clean Air - Oil-free compressed air is used to clean bottles and packaging before filling.

If the air is polluted, it can change the taste and smell in addition to being harmful to health.

Medium crimping does not lose - the medium-pressure compressed gas produced when blowing pet bottles is used in instruments in other parts of the company to increase efficiency. PET Blowing Bottle - High-pressure compressed air is used to blow the bottle into the shape of a blow molding mold.

Level 0 oil-free air ensures that the bottle is not contaminated with oil. Packaging/Labeling - Compressed air is used to control valves and actuators in automated production lines, for packaging, labeling, etc.

Oil-free air prevents automation components from getting stuck and ensures the safety of the final product.


Case Show

    • Blowing application of a food factory in Anhui            

      Blowing application of a food factory in Anhui

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