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Industry profile

GMP emphasizes that the pharmaceutical production environment must meet the requirements of "no contaminated products", so high-quality compressed air is an essential part of the pharmaceutical production process. With our experience in the global pharmaceutical industry, we can provide all the compressed air technologies needed for every application in the pharmaceutical industry.

We are a full-service provider, which means we have compressed air solutions for all your needs, including air compressors, dryers and filters, control systems and more.

Product Series

"Adekom" KDS series dry screw oil-free air compressor, the main machine using a German patent super coating, greatly extend the life of the host and reduce costs, and low noise, less consumables, secondary compression technology to ensure long-term stable operation, out of the compressed air to meet ISO 8573-1 Class 0 oil-free compressed air standards.

"Adekom" ET series oil-free screw air compressor, the use of German oil-free conversion system, from the technical conversion of oil into water and carbon dioxide, TUV certified measured air quality is much higher than ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 oil-free standard value of one-fifth, for the safety of product safety to guard the first level.

Oil-free conversion system for life-free maintenance, and can effectively reduce bacteria in the air and eliminate fungi, greatly increase the life of the system's efficient filter and sterilised filter, while avoiding the unpredictable risk of oil remover and activated carbon;

At present, our oil-free air compressor has been successfully applied to domestic and foreign pharmaceutical industry projects have reached hundreds, and successfully for the original use of oil injection screw air compressor enterprises from the technical transformation into oil-free compressed air system.

Bottled/canned/packing - Depending on the product, oil-free compressed air is used to clean and remove moisture from packaging, bottles, tubes or cans. Manufacturing tablets and capsules - compressed air is exposed at almost every stage of the process. Mix and granulation, dry, press, coat and pack.

The air must be level 0 to avoid contamination. Fermentation - Aseptic air inflates the fermentation tank.

Air cannot be polluted, otherwise bacteria will be contaminated, which will ultimately affect product quality.

Pneumatic transport - In some manufacturing processes compressed air is used for pneumatic transport, which means that it comes into contact with the product and therefore the air must be clean and oil-free. Wastewater treatment - Water used in the manufacturing process must be treated first or the product will be contaminated.

After water is used, it must be processed before it can be reused or released.

Case Show

    • The site of oil-free technology transformation in a pharmaceutical industry in Hebei            

      The site of oil-free technology transformation in a pharmaceutical industry in Hebei

    • A pharmaceutical application site in Indonesia            

      A pharmaceutical application site in Indonesia

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